Tecnoviti, a company which prides itself on 30 years of experience in this field, was established to operate directly with the user, carrying out a service of screw and barrel overhauling, as well as supplying screws and accessories for plasticization groups.
This quality has been achieved thanks to the high professional level of both technicians and equipments.
Manufacturing of:
Barrels with single screw from 20 mm up to 250 mm
Extrusion and injection screws made of nitrided steel from 20
  up to 250 mm
Extrusion stellitated screws
Regeneration of:
Nitrided barrels, through internal
  rectification and following nitriding
used screws stellitation, with
  rectification up to a nominal
  diameter, or fitted the diameter
  of the regenerated barrel
robotized automatic plant for hard-facing

manufacturing and regeneration of screws and barrels for extrusion

TECNOVITI S.r.l. via Tarantelli, 8 Bienate di Magnago (MI)
Phone +39 0331306935 +39 0331306936 Fax +39 0331306946 e-mail: tecnoviti.srl@libero.it
Legal office : Via Cesare Magnani Ricotti, 2 NOVARA VAT 01371660034 TAX code 08078440156
Paid up capital Euro 10.400,00 Business Register of Novara n 08078440156 R.E.A. of Novara n 168653