Headquarter on mq 9.000 of mq. 20.000 total

Established on 1982 by Mr. Antonio Massaro, actual President and Director, has been become consolidate by the confidence showed from own Customers that give to Tecnova the possibilities to enlarge more and more the presence first in the national market, and after in the foreign markets all over the world.
Naturally all this has been possible building the plants always with the top standard of the best technology, using the best quality of the material and the component, until trying to offer to the Customers a technical assistance fast, effective and, as possible, also economic.

From a little company born 30 years old, this is the new reality Tecnova, a company that always try to evolve and to give to the own affectionate Customers always something plus, as the following news that herewith enclosed we show.


In the recycling of the scraps of plastic material, specially the ones from post-consumer that are worked by a washing plant to make suitable to the recycling, with the new technology and changing the types of packaging of plastic material, are increased the problems during the processing. In fact there are more scraps of packaging with more layer, that include also materials not much compatible between them, and also increase the per cent of extensible films with lower thickness that have some problem during the drying after the washing. So it is necessary to introduce recycling plants for not homogenous materials and with high humidity.

For this reasons Tecnova has developed new recycling lines supplied with new screw with new particular flight that obtains three big results:

High mixing of the materials not perfectly homogenous as in the molecular chain, (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, etc), as in the M.F.I., with also the possibility to dissipate perfectly coloring and/or additives.

Increase of output until the 20 – 25%.

Increase of the vent power that allow to use as materials with high per cent of printed, as humidity more that the medium quantity.

Beyond to supply with screws, with the characteristics as above, the new lines, Tecnova is offering and supplying them to own Customers for the existing machines.
The results obtained sometimes have been exceed all the best expectations.

With the Tecnova experience, by means the consociate Tecnoviti, is possible to supply screws with new profile also for extruder not in our production.